Hi, I'm Sara. And I love things that work! 

I help people understand complex concepts about global power, I help executives create and implement better strategy, and I help organizations marry business with humanism.

I create quality content to make these conversations as accessible--yet impactful--as possible! Here's a sampling of work, with new material released constantly.

I'll confess, I get a lot of advice to dumb down the conversation, to placate my audience, and to sugar coat things. But I believe you'd rather hear the truth. I believe you'd rather ask the tough questions and become more effective. So I promise to keep it real and to focus always on what's effective instead of what's easy. 

When I'm not speaking, writing, or facilitating, I work with a team of superstar leaders and strategists. We provide Advisory Services, Executive Development, R & D, and consulting. My role is within the People and Culture realm, while the team spans AI, biotech, We're less like the army and more like Special forces--you call us when you want meaningful change and cutting edge efficacy. We're based around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Mumbai, London, Paris... We are rapidly growing. If you're tired of generic change management and hungry to lead into the future, reach out! 

Thanks for reading and listening. I appreciate each and every one of you. 

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Are you wildly and unapologetically dedicated to excellence? Let's connect.

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