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Dr. Sara Murdock is a globally known expert in organizational power dynamics. Dr. Murdock serves as a pioneer in the field of People & Culture, with a focus on building innovation, inclusive Leadership Development, and aligning organizational objectives with actual Impact. She has led initiatives and departments with global organizations, startups, and traditional corporations alike due to her ability to establish respect and rapport in a way that fuels meaningful growth and drives authentic company strategy. Sara cements her mantra, “Change isn’t hard, it’s human” into every thread of her proven methodology, responsible for helping hundreds of organizations set the standard in People, Leadership, and Impact. With a 20+ year track record in catalyzing profound and necessary shifts in how organizations "do business," Sara is frequently sought after as an advisor, speaker, and author in addition to her executive role. Sara’s training includes a Ph.D. in Social Impact, an MA in Organizational Development, a BA in Culture, and Agile coaching Certifications. An award-winning ballroom dancer, in her free time, Sara enjoys partner dancing, traveling, and writing.

IG @drsaramurdock

LI /saraevamurdock

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