Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging is about People. Because change isn't hard, it's human.


We're like the Special Forces of Executive Advisory. 

Exclusive, intimate Executive Development 

The Road to Sustainability global R & D hub serves a network of over 20,000 people. But we get so many specific questions from business leaders that we're opening exclusive training and advisory to offer tailored guidance. Sign up for the newsletter here and stay tuned.

There's nothing like facilitating Learning & Development to stimulate growth!

From one-time trainings to 15-weeks EMBA curricula, I use the science of adult learning to teach! 

I've been leading group conversations and teaching classes of up to 200+ for 20 years. I've worked with almost 10,000 people, from ongoing seminars to targeted 1-day sessions. I'm formally trained in intergroup dialogue and can fluently field politically challenging topics.

Beyond alphabet soup, what is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging really?

Helping you transcend terms and get to real-world applications.

Even seasoned experts can be confused about why Social Systems relate to Human Capital at work. I marry business and humanism to showcase that, beyond opinions, DEIB & Power in the Workplace and integral to highly lucrative and successful workplaces.

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>> turning the cacophony of global problems into a symphony of solutions

Let's be honest, pop leadership can be a lot of noise. But academic research is often needlessly complex. I blur the lines, using cutting edge info with a more conversational tone.


Numbers and data are great. We need them. But they don't change human behavior or create social tipping points. Narrative drives culture, power, and tangible impact. Let's create narratives that lead the way!

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Based in Pacific Standard Time USA, working globally

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I started my career in the performing arts -- so I began leading team inclusion workshops using mindfulness to help with performance anxiety, theatre games to build camaraderie, and somatic techniques to help teams feel physically comfortable in difficult moments. The research shows us a lot of shame, trauma, and confusion when it comes to race, ethnicity, gender, ability, neurodiversity, socio-economics, and immigration status. How on earth can our teams do their best work and feel like themselves at the office when they're carrying around those burdens? It's been an honor to coach over 8,500+ people in this work. 

I became a consultant because people kept asking for my help. In addition to keeping up with the latest research, data, and strategies, I put the needs of each client first. DEIB isn't one-size-fits-all. In fact, it's a North American invention and our international colleagues have a different set of needs. As our world is increasingly interconnected, my work challenges clients to create bolder--and more effective--people and culture programs.

Over the years, I've worked with solopreneurs, domestic companies, and international powerhouses. I'm extremely selective about companies I work with and expect companies to have the same discernment. DEIB helps with profit, so doing this work well means becoming more competitive over time. I marry business and humanism, so there's no struggle, just dynamism and superb strategy. By doing so, company culture and efficacy becomes future-proof. Are you ready to lead?