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Proud nerd. Bold leader. Dedicated entrepreneur.

Even as a child, I loved finding solutions to complex problems. These days you might think of me as a business anthropologist, excavating the deepest dynamics of what makes organizations run really, really well. 



Dr. Sara Murdock is a globally renowned expert in power dynamics and leadership. Founder of The Moirai Group, Dr. Murdock serves as a pioneer in the fields of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and DEI&B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) with a 20+ year track record in catalyzing profound and necessary cultural shifts in the workplace. International organizations, rapidly scaling tech startups, heads of state, and traditional corporations alike consistently hire Sara for her unique ability to establish mutual understanding, respect, and growth within teams in a way that fuels accelerated profitability and drives authentic company branding. Sara cements her mantra, “Change isn’t hard, it’s human” into every thread of her proven methodology, responsible for helping hundreds of companies and organizations set the standard in DEI and ESG. With a Ph.D. in Social Impact from the University of California Los Angeles and an MA in Organizational Development from Seattle University, Sara is frequently sought after as a keynote speaker, author, and panelist for leading international conferences, publications, and podcasts. A trained ballroom dancer, in her free time, Sara enjoys partner dancing, traveling, and writing. 

Contact for quotes, speaking, and project proposals: hello@drsaramurdock.com


​Recent Media and Fresh releases

  • Quoted: San Jose Inside article on gender equity pay gap

  • Quoted: Pumble article on employee morale

  • Speaker: International Institute conference on Inclusion vs Psychological Safety

  • Moderator: National Diversity Conference panel on Intercultural Collaboration 

  • Featured guest: Lead & Follow podcast on the Future of Power in business

  • Featured guest: Road to Sustainability podcast on ESG and business impact 

  • Featured guest: Beat the Often Path podcast about impact and leadership

  • Speaker: Goodera campaign for racial equity

  • Featured guest: Fishbowl's Women in Tech forum

  • Panelist: Investing through a Gender Lens for AfricaAdvantage ESG conference

  • Quoted: Authority Magazine article on organizational culture

  • Featured guest: Good Life Great Life podcast on Building a Culture and Becoming a Leader

  • Author: “What’s the Matter with Gen Z? Generational Differences at Work” for Society of HR Managers

  • Author: “Is it really different for startups? Why culture is the one thing your business can’t wait for”


I crafted the Create your Culture program after a colleague asked for my guidance at a more accessible price. I never want cost to limit your access to top notch resources. I've gotten great feedback on the program already and I believe you'll love it too. 


I've been leading seminars and giving talks for 20 years. From intimate executive teams to major events with thousands of people, I'm comfortable with public appearances and media. I'm formally trained in intergroup dialogue and can fluently field politically challenging topics.


I'm thrilled to release a brand new keynote summer 2022! This is a true labor of love created to help you understand power dynamics at work and how to lead an organization you can't pay people to leave.  

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Based in Pacific Standard Time USA, working globally

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