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I started The Moirai Group to help you "Shape your Future" and get the impact you truly desire in your company... and in the world.


We are currently in stealth mode. This means that we curate our clients as intentionally as we curate the work we do for you - we want you to feel good about every hour and every dollar you spend with us. 


Sara and the Moirai experts

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Service: The Special Ops of Impact

We're an invitation-only group of extreme experts who help you become a company you can't pay people to leave. We parachute in and do whatever it takes when you don't just need a glossy powerpoint--you need the job done


• ESG - Environmental Social Governance

• People & Culture - Equipping your team's best

• Be Future-Proof - Effective strategy for your ideal impact

• Inter-cultural and inter-national dialogue / mediation

Get certified

Open to current executives and EMBA students, these first-of-its-kind, business school-accredited courses prepare you for fluent use of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and social impact in your business strategy and with your stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees. 

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Create Your Culture program and assessment

We promise, you've never had this much fun measuring, auditing, and building your ideal organizational culture! If you don't smile at least a few times, you get your money back.

Warning: Our Create Your Culture program might be so enjoyable that your team might ask to do it a second time.

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Become an organization you can't pay people to leave.


Craft and fund the impact of your dreams.


Align your business outcomes with your desires.

Future-proof your leadership.

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