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Diversity your Skills like you Diversify your Portfolio

I’ve worked with a lot of companies and orgs over the years… I lost track at 50 many moons ago…

I’ve worked with so many that I don’t take offense when people ask me how that’s feasible.

Sometimes “How have you possibly worked on so many projects” is meant as innuendo that a woman with significant accomplishment must have gotten there on the coattails of senior executives.

But “learning for a living” is something all skilled professionals do. And do again. And again. And again. Not to merely survive, but to embrace the nuance, complexibility, and beauty of change.

Like many of you, I have a portfolio of investments. And I also have a portfolio of capabilities. What if you diversified other parts of your life with the same hunger you bring to multiplying your cash?

Just like investing, there’s no one correct portfolio of skills. Still, here are a few I’ve found most helpful… which also happen to be the ones I see many teams struggle with.

>> Comfort in chaos - control is an illusion

>> Context is everything -- what works in one culture, market, nation, or decade may not adapt

>> Embrace change -- “the only constant is change” isn’t cute, it’s true

>> Focus on results instead of outcomes - the former is about efficacy, the latter is about metrics

>> Falling in love with questions -- poetic, yes, but also rocket fuel

>> Context is everything -- what works in one culture, market, nation, or decade may not adapt

>> Preparation not prediction - Being future proof is about mindset, not dates on calendars

What’s in your portfolio of skills?

Which are your “top performers”?

How do you know it’s working?

A recent and welcome addition to my own portfolio, I’ve teamed up with another superb company, Blue Beyond. Woman-founded and woman-run, this firm is truly unique, not only as a bespoke consultancy but as a case study in the future of work on a global scale.

One of the big attractions for me was that Blue Beyond also has a portfolio approach to excellence. Clients get an atelier of professionals, all with their own broad portfolio of skills, who lovingly tailor every engagement for each client.

On a personal note, it feels good to work amongst artisans of business. The secret sauce to being a woman with a long list of successful projects under her belt? Only do business with people as hungry as you are. If that looks like overachieving to others, so be it. We’ll be over here having a blast!

So what will I add to my portfolio of skills this year?

>> Awe - not as a break from business as usual, but as a celebration

What will you add to your portfolio this year?

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