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What is The Moirai Group?

The Moirai Group is a social enterprise dedicated to addressing human rights and social equity within the context of organizational impact. We are a vetted, invitation-only cohort of proven professionals addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time. We work on inter-disciplinary projects and partner across industries - for example, you might find a pay equity expert partnering with a climate scientist, art curator, and public health researcher. At this time, The Moirai Group is in stealth mode, with services available on a referral or invitational basis only.

At present, services fit into 4 categories 

Employee experience

Leadership development 

Assessments + strategic foresight

R&D - pilot programs + data-backed experiments

What is this unusual word... "Moirai"?

In Greek mythology, The Moirai were three women who answered to no one - not even the Gods - while weaving the tapestry of human fate. Inspired by their trio (past, present, future) our group engages work in three pillars: strategic foresight, emerging technologies, and innovative methodologies.

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